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Nestle Smarties Bunny 18.5g

by Nestle
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A Mouth watering hollow Chocolate Bunny Treat filled with Mini Smarties. Available in pink, yellow, blue, and green.

Best Before: 10-31-2024

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Nestle Smarties Bunny 18.5g - A Scrumptious Easter Treat!

Enjoy the Fun and Deliciousness of Easter with Nestle Smarties Bunny

A Mouth-watering Chocolate Treat filled with Mini Smarties

Make Easter even more enjoyable for your child with a Nestle Smarties Bunny - a delightful chocolate treat that takes the shape of an adorable bunny, filled with mini Smarties that kids adore!

Weighing 18.5g, the Nestle Smarties Bunny is the perfect addition to Easter baskets and scavenger hunts, adding a sprinkle of delight to the festivities. This delectable milk chocolate bunny comes in vibrant colourful packaging available in yellow, pink, blue, and green, offering a delightful opportunity to diversify your Easter egg collection.

Share the joy of Easter with your loved ones by gifting them this charming and scrumptious Nestle Smarties Bunny!

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Nestle Smarties Bunny 18.5g

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