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McVities Digestives 400g

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Nothing elicits feelings of nostalgia like a warm cup of tea and McVities Digestives. This classic biscuit remains a favorite of many British households, and has been making mouths water for generations with its sweet and wheaty flavour, crumbly texture and much-loved dunkability!

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Ah, McVities Digestives – what a legend.

Introducing the legendary McVities Digestives - British biscuits at their best! For expats in Canada or anyone craving a taste of Britain, these are a must-have. Loved for generations, these biscuits have a sweet and wheaty flavor, crumbly texture, and go perfectly with a warm cup of tea. Enjoy the generous 400g pack, ensuring plenty of goodness to share with family or friends. Remember, these biscuits may not have antacid properties anymore, but they will absolutely melt in your mouth. So, grab your McVities Digestives and make every bite a nostalgic delight! Start your day with a taste of classic bliss.

So go ahead, take a trip back home with every crumbly bite and start your day off with a boost of nostalgia and classic delight!

McVities Digestives 400g

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