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Maynards Bassetts Sherbet Lemons 192g

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These hard candy treats spark a wave of nostalgia, with each zesty lemon shell melting into a fizzy sherbet centre. 192g of individually wrapped sweets.

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Step back in time with Maynards Bassetts Sherbet Lemons!

These classic retro sweets tantalise the taste-buds with a zesty lemon shell, encasing an indulgently fizzy sherbet centre. With these unique two-in-one treats, you can enjoy the smooth and creamy citrusy outer shell followed by a wave of sweet sherbet goodness.

It's no wonder they've been a timeless classic for generations.

We know you'll experience some great memories when tucking into these old school sweets - nothing but pure nostalgia!

Don't just take our word for it - why not experience the mouth-watering magic yourself? One bite is sure to reignite your inner child and have you reaching for one more!

So go ahead, satisfy that sweet tooth of yours with the unbeatable flavour combination in Maynards Bassetts Sherbet Lemons.

192g of individually wrapped sweets in every bag

Maynards Bassetts Sherbet Lemons 192g

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