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Haribo Jelly Bunnies Bag 140g

by Haribo
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Rediscover joy with Haribo Jelly Bunnies! These classic candies, reminiscent of jelly babies, are packed with timeless flavours and a hint of nostalgia in every bite. Bursting with fruitiness and crafted with care, Haribo Jelly Bunnies are like miniature time machines in a single bite.

Best Before: 01-31-2025

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Step into a whimsical world of fruity goodness with Haribo Jelly Bunnies!

The iconic sweet treats that are hopping right into your heart!

Picture this: you're on a stroll through a meadow, sun dappling through the trees, and with a colourful burst of flavours, you find these charming, bunny-shaped candies. Each bite, a celebration of nostalgia, brings back the joy of carefree childhood snack times.

A 140g Bag of Happiness

These Jelly Bunnies Bring Fruitful Delight

Pack the perfect punch of fruitiness, making every moment a playful, palate-pleasing adventure. But it's not just about the taste – it is about the shared experiences and cherished memories that pop up with each uniquely shaped candy.

Made for sharing or savouring in solitude, Haribo Jelly Bunnies are the ultimate comfort snack that promises a trail of grins wherever you go.

Haribo Bunnies: A Premium Taste of Lighthearted Fun

Indulgent Snacking Experience with a Touch of Inclusivity

Not just any confectionery, Haribo has masterfully crafted these bunnies with a blend of selected, quality ingredients, ensuring a premium taste that pays homage to the brand's legacy of lighthearted fun. The snacking experience they provide is richly indulgent, with an emphasis on inclusivity, gathering friends old and new around the treat bowl for a tasty tango.

Discover the Magic of Jelly Bunnies

Experience Joyful Delight and Nostalgia

Adored by the young and the young at heart, these Jelly Bunnies are the perfect choice for those Easter baskets or simply for brightening up a dull day. Let the vibrant tastes and nostalgic shapes whisk you away on a whimsical adventure, all while instilling the reassurance of snack-time satisfaction that Haribo has become synonymous with. So why resist the lure of these fruity delights any longer? Let the delicious dance begin, and watch as these Jelly Bunnies turn an everyday moment into an extraordinary memory.

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Haribo Jelly Bunnies Bag 140g

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