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Burtons Jammie Dodgers Raspberry 140g

by Burtons
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Raspberry flavoured apple jam sandwiched between two buttery shortbread biscuits. An iconic British biscuit loved for generations. Jammie Dodgers: indulgence and satisfaction.

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Do you miss the iconic British biscuit that has been enjoyed by generations of sweet tooths across the UK? Burton's Jammie Dodgers are here to provide a moment of joy and nostalgia for all British expats.

Jammie Dodgers - British Bundles

Crafted with premium ingredients and lots of love, these delightful treats offer the perfect balance between indulgence and satisfaction. Fruity raspberry jam sandwiched between two buttery shortbread cookies, creating an irresistible sweet treat that everyone will love. Whether you're enjoying one on its own, sharing them with friends and family, or serving them as a special treat for your afternoon tea, Jammie Dodgers are guaranteed to bring out smiles!

What makes Jammie Dodgers even more special is the rich heritage they carry. Since their introduction to the biscuit scene, biscuit lovers across generations have cherished their distinct flavor and charm. Whether you're longing for a sweet treat or seeking a taste that embodies British culture, these biscuits deliver the ideal blend of sweetness and a shared connection to British tradition.

So why not add some timeless sweetness to your day! Enjoy the momentary indulgence from top-of-the-line British ingredients with Burtons Jammie Dodgers 140g – sure to become a beloved part of your snacking routine!

Burtons Jammie Dodgers Raspberry 140g

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