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BritGrocer Lovely Lemon Curd 320g

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Experience the taste of Britain with BritGrocer's Lovely Lemon Curd. Made with all-natural ingredients and the freshest lemons, this lemon curd is perfect as a side for cakes or scrumptious when used in baking. Indulge in deliciousness with every spoonful!

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It's time to pucker up - because BritGrocer's Lovely Lemon Curd is here to tantalize your taste buds! Perfect as a side for cakes and scrumptious when used in baking, this 320g of deliciousness will fill your kitchen with the tangy aroma of freshly squeezed lemons.

Nothing says "British" quite like lemon curd and now you can experience it from wherever you are in Canada. Ideal for British expats wanting an authentic homemade treat or for those just looking for a new twist on traditional desserts, BritGrocer's Lovely Lemon Curd is sure to add zest to baked goods everywhere.

Created with all-natural ingredients using classic recipes and made from the freshest lemons straight from the orchards, BritGrocer's Lemon Curd ensures that each spoonful is packed full of flavour. Easy to use – simply spread onto scones, desserts or pastries – it is guaranteed to deliver deliciousness every time you indulge. So why not pick up some of BritGrocer's Lovely Lemon Curd next time you're shopping at and show off your baking skills before your friends even have a chance to take their first bite!

Keen to enjoy some real British-style sour sweetness? Look no further than BritGrocer's Lovely Lemon Curd! Enlivening recipes and lifting spirits since 2018 – try it now and experience wonderful tartness yourself, from coast-to-coast in Canada!

Are you missing the tastes of Britain? Let BritGrocer Lovely Lemon Curd be that much-needed reminder of home - at least until you’re able to take a trip across the pond again!

BritGrocer Lovely Lemon Curd 320g

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