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Walkers Nonsuch Roasted Hazelnut Toffee 100g

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Walkers NonSuch Roasted Hazelnut Toffee, it's in the name and it's the perfect pick me up on any ordinary day. So go ahead, whack, unwrap and treat yourself - you've earned it!

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Discover the toe-tapping, nut-cracking goodness of Walkers Nonsuch's Roasted Hazelnut Toffee!

A timeless classic crafted according to an old English recipe, speckled with tasty roasted hazelnuts for maximum flavor. It's creamy, dreamy, and oh-so-scrumptious—the kind of treat that sweet tooths of all ages will appreciate!

Made with the highest quality ingredients, it’s no surprise that Walker’s Nonsuch Roasted Hazelnut Toffee has been making mouths water since 1927. Whack then unwrap for the ultimate sweet treat delight. Let the old English recipe do its work and transport your taste buds back centuries through time!

Go on, indulge in deliciousness that comes from generations of family cooking expertise – you won't regret it!

Whack then unwrap your way through this nostalgic deliciousness that makes it feel like you've traveled centuries back in time. While they say time travel isn’t possible, we dare to disagree – just take one bite of this classic British toffee and you’ll know exactly why we think so! 

Walkers Nonsuch Roasted Hazelnut Toffee 100g

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