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Walkers Nonsuch Liquorice Toffee 100g

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Satisfy your sweet tooth with Walkers Nonsuch Liquorice Toffee, a classic British treat redefined with its creamy texture and bold black liquorice flavor. Made with whole milk and butter, this indulgent toffee is the perfect balance of sweetness and richness.

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Control your cravings like a pro with Walkers Nonsuch Liquorice Toffee!

This creamy, mouth-watering toffee has redefined how sweets lovers enjoy classic British toffee, with a black liquorice flavour profile with the help of whole milk and butter. It's the perfect snack for hardcore confectionery fans who appreciate only the finest ingredients from Great Britain, brought to you by one of the UK's oldest and most classic brands.

Whack and unwrap this little block of yumminess.

With every Whack, you'll be filled with nostalgia as you open up this tantalising treat and enjoy its sweet, creamy indulgence.

Treat yourself to a daringly original treat in true British fashion: grab a block of Walkers Nonsuch Liquorice Toffee today and make your taste buds go wild!

Perfect for sharing with friends or keeping all to yourself, Walkers Nonsuch Liquorice Toffee is the only way to satisfy the craving of true British sweets lovers. So don't pass on this opportunity to try out a piece of bite-sized bliss that's sure to put a smile on your face!

Walkers Nonsuch Liquorice Toffee 100g

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