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Ribena Blackcurrent 850ml

by Ribena
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Enjoy a delicious blend of tanginess and sweetness with Ribena Blackcurrant. You'll get a boost of Vitamin C in every bottle. The versatile concentrate is easy to use and perfect for sharing. Get a taste of Britain's finest, no matter where you are in Canada!

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It's time to get your Ribena on!

This delicious blackcurrant drink from the beloved British brand is sure to hit the spot with its unique blend of sweetness and tanginess.

Not only will you get great taste, but you can also count on it for a healthy boost since each bottle of Ribena Blackcurrant 850ml contains an impressive source of Vitamin C. Itโ€™s perfect for sharing among family and friends, or savoring a glassful throughout the day.

Whether you're in need of a refreshment, or just want to bring a taste of Britain to wherever you are in Canada - look no further than Ribena Blackcurrant!

Simply add Ribena concentrate to a glass and add water. The recommended ratio is 1 part Ribena concentrate to 4 parts water, but you can adjust this to your liking.

Remember to keep any unused Ribena concentrate refrigerated and use it within 21 days after opening.

Ribena Blackcurrent 850ml

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